Veganism: Why You Need to Supplement

*Keep in mind that I have no qualifications in nutrition or any similar subjects, this is just knowledge I’ve gained from 5 years of veganism*

This is a subject I see a lot of vegans don’t want to speak about: Supplementing.

A lot of vegans are experts in advocating for veganism as the healthiest diet one can have, while simultaneously ignoring the part about supplementation, or even worse; talking against it.

Let me get one thing right, veganism is a wonderful way to eat and live – you get the opportunity to eat delicious, nutritious and filling food while doing the least harm as one can. But you need to make sure you’re not harming yourself in the process.

Many vegan products does not naturally contain high levels of some vital nutrients; plant milk, cereals and other products like this has been fortified with these vital vitamins – and if you’re the kind of vegan I was during some of my veganism you won’t be eating enough of those fortified products.


Nutrients to keep an eye on & why:

  • Vitamin B12: If there is one vitamin I want you to keep a strict eye on it’s B12. B12 is made by bacteria that live inside animals. To get a vegan version of B12 one ‘farms’ the bacteria and gather the vitamin from that. A lack of vitamin B12 can cause severe tiredness, pins and needles in limbs, increased symptoms of mental illness, muscle weakness and deterioration of cognitive functions. Vitamin B12 is a ‘common’ vitamin to be lacking in no matter if you’re plant based or not – absorption is complex and decreases with age. 
  • Vitamin D: Contributes to maintain normal blood levels of calcium and phosphate, which then keeps the mineralization of bone, muscle contraction, nerve conduction and cellular functions normal. Both WHO and NCBI acknowledges that vitamin D deficiency is a global problem and people especially living in northern countries should supplement in the months containing the letter ‘R’ because the sun is not enough a those times of the year.
  • Calcium: Plays a vital role for strong bones and recovery after exercise. If your vitamin D levels are low it will be harder to absorb calcium. Although calcium is found in a lot of green and leafy vegetables a vegan diet is not always synonymous with a diet heavy in  green, leafy vegetables.
  • Omega-3 fatty acid: Important for cell membranes and receptors, hormone production, cardiovascular, brain, joint, eye and skin health. Fats like walnuts, chia & flax seeds re good sources but might not convert it as well into DHA and EPA.
  • Iron: Improves growth and development of the body, in addition to making hemoglobin and myoglobin. Loads of vegan foods contains iron but they often contain anti-nutrients which hinders absorption.
  • Zinc: Important for immune system, cell growth, healing and breaking down carbs. Loads of plants contain zinc but there are some concerns around phytates which often is bound to plants. Phytic acids can bind minerals before absorption which makes it harder to absorb zinc and iron despite consuming adequate amounts in theory.
  • Iodine: Helps in the production of thyroid hormones, which keeps cells and metabolism healthy. It’s most easily found in dairy and iodine salt.
  • Selenium: Contributes to a healthy immune system and cells – it is found in some plants but the amounts depend on the selenium in the soil.


Vegan sources:

  • Vitamin B12: Nutritional yeast (make sure it’s the fortified kind), fortified plant milk, yoghurt, cereal, cheese and other processed (and fortified) plant products and marmite.
  • Vitamin D: Fortified plant milk, yoghurt, cereal, cheese and other processed (and fortified) plant products, mushrooms (smaller amounts). Sunlight is also a source but it’s often not enough for your daily need – in addition to it not being enough too much (which is not much at all) exposure can and will damage your skin. Don’t be dumb, use sunscreen and get into the shade when the sun is at it’s highest.
  • Calcium: Fortified plant milk, yoghurt, cereal, cheese and other processed (and fortified) plant products, leafy greens, almonds, figs and chia seeds. But do remember that your calcium intake depends on your vitamin D intake!
  • Omega-3 fatty acid: Fortified plant milk, yoghurt, cereal, cheese and other processed (and fortified) plant products, chia-, flax-, and hemp seeds, leafy greens. You can find DHA and EPA in algal oil and alge.
  • Iron: Fortified plant milk, yoghurt, cereal, cheese and other processed (and fortified) plant products, beans, legumes, spinach and other leafy greens and linseed.
  • Zinc: Fortified plant milk, yoghurt, cereal, cheese and other processed (and fortified) plant products, pumpkin- and sunflower seeds, spinach, cacao, beans, legumes, cashews and avocado.
  • Iodine:  Iodised salt, whole grains and seaweed.
  • Selenium: Brazil nuts, mushrooms, oats, whole grains and sunflower seeds.


How to know if you are consuming enough:

I’ve done four things to make sure I get enough of these nutrients:

  1. I went to the doctor and got my blood tested – I was experiencing extreme tiredness, symptoms of depression and pins and needles: Turns out I was low in vitamin D and I was so low in vitamin B12 that I needed shots in my butt cheek – you do not want that, trust me.
  2. I track my food a couple of times a week or month in – here I am able to see my levels for all of these nutrients and if I’m getting adequate levels. I don’t need to do this every day because I generally eat most of the same foods during the week.
  3. I check in with myself to see how I’m feeling – have I been more tired or feeling ill than usual the last couple of weeks without a good explanation?
  4. I supplement! There is no way without it! Fortified foods are also supplementing! But I know that I do not eat enough fortified foods as I’m not too much into mock meats and plant yogurts/milks (but I do drink my milk with coffee – coffee contains anti-nutrients which hinders absorption of iron and other nutrients). So I take a multivitamin every day to make sure I’m getting what I need.

Most vegans and even non-vegans should supplement many of these nutrients because of what we eat in 2018! You want to thrive, not just be generally ok!

I hope this will make it easier for all of you, despite what type of diet – and I hope this openness will make it easier for new vegans to not fall into the ‘new vegan mistakes’ as I once did. Remember that veganism is such an amazing diet, but it still needs to be done properly and safely as any other diet.

Have you ever experienced nutrient deficiency? Do you supplement? How are you managing your diet and making sure you get enough of what you need?


Back to Vegan

Four months ago, I did something I never thought would happen. I took a step back and decided to become a vegetarian rather than a vegan. It was an extremely difficult choice to make because it’s not something that matches with my ethics. It was something I felt I had to do for my own physical and mental health.

When I went into the military my diet was far from good. Sure, I ate vegan, meaning loads of veggies and fruit – but that was basically it. As the young idiot I was I thought I wouldn’t need to take vitamins and that I’d be fine without it. Boy, was I wrong!


After one year living off carrots, potatoes, toast and rice I found myself feeling blue and constantly tired. I’d go to work and straight to bed afterwards. Turned out, from my blood results, I was low in vitamin D and B12. What many vegetarians and vegans know is that vitamin deficiency is a serious problem, especially a lack of B12. I ended up taking a multivitamin, but my B12 was so low I had to get regular shots into my buttchecks, which was a new low I didn’t think I could reach.


After my levels increased I started feeling great again, and everything was good. That was until I found myself in an incredible stressful period in May 2017. For years I’ve struggled with restricting behaviours whenever I feel stressed. Apparently, I feel the need to control at least some aspects of my life when I feel this way, and my focus shifts towards my eating habits and weight. So, I started restricting heavily, blaming me not eating with friends and family on veganism. That summer I ended up losing over 10 kg and some days not eating more than 500 calories.


Finally, after months of misery I, and a few close friends, pushed me to seek help. It was decided that I should try out vegetarianism so not to feed my restriction. With this and other mental exercises I managed to let myself have enough food, gain back the weight (and a bit more, naturally), and I was feeling amazing.


Going back to vegetarianism helped me see how restrictive I was living – not because of veganism itself, but because I was hiding behind it. But my ethics doesn’t agree with vegetarianism, I believe that veganism, for me, is the best way to live when done properly. So, I’m now cutting out the dairy and the eggs and going back to a happy vegan life.


I’m writing this as a reminder that what you eat is incredible important for both your mind and body. I know that, after 4,5 years, there sometimes are hard times being a vegan, but you should always put your mental and physical health first. Once this is at its best you can hopefully properly commit yourself to matching your ethics and your diet.



Please take care of yourselves and make sure to eat in a way that makes the world a better place, but also in a way that makes you the best you can be!



Da var vi den her, en av de beste månedene i året! Nå lar jeg vinduene være udekket slik at solen kan vekke meg tidlig, tidlig på morgenen og fylle meg med energi og en god start på dagen.

Gårsdagen var en av de fineste dagene jeg har hatt på lenge. Ikke bare satt jeg i fire timer med fagbøker og notater, men jeg og bestevenninnen, som studerer i Storbritannia, la av hele dagen til bare kos og soling.



Vi fant oss sorbet fra Deli og en cider på kaien, solen stekte og vi fikk endelig hatt en god samtale ansikt til ansikt siden mars.


Siden det var 1. mai måtte vi jo også få med oss en del av markeringen av arbeidernes dag. Jeg var storfornøyd med mye av det Audun Lysbakken tok opp, og klappet spesielt høyt da han bortkastet at Donald Trump skulle være lederen for den frie verden.

Selv om arbeidernes dag er og har vært viktig for meg lenge kunne jeg ikke noe annet enn å fnise litt når alle talerne brukte ordet “kamerater” til folkemengden, det ble litt vel mye for meg. Spesielt med tanke på at en av favorittbøkene mine er Dag Solstad sin Gymnaslærer Pedersens beretning om den store politiske vekkelsen som har hjemsøkt vårt land (1982). Om du ikke har lest den den foreslår jeg det på det sterkeste, det er lite som griper meg så mye som Dag Solstad sine litt kompliserte tekster og bøker. Og om du ikke har tid eller finner tålmodigheten til det så er filmen Gymnaslærer Pedersen en gjenskapelse av boken med Kristoffer Joner og Ane Dahl Torp i spissen.


Dagen ble avsluttet med at veganeren og vegetarianeren besøkte McDonalds for å teste ut den nye veggie McSpice som er helt vegansk uten osten. Det er andre gang jeg smaker på denne herligheten i løpet av en uke og jeg syntes det er helt fantastisk å finne et vegansk alternativ som kan dekke mine junk food cravings med toppkarakter!

Noen andre her som har smakt den?

Skype & chill ❤

Perfekt måte å starte dagen! Havregryn med vaniljeyoghurt, jordbærsyltetøy, solsikkefrø og litt kanel – jeg har alltid lyst på noe søtt tidlig på dagen Alpro sin vaniljeyoghurt basert på soya er midt i blinken for meg.

Ellers har jeg skypet med kjæresten min, vi jobber begge en god del nå i sommer så det blir ikke like mye skyping og telefoner som før, men vi holder oss positive og det betyr at skype-dater er mye mer spesielle enn til vanlig❤

Det som er så greit med å starte jobb rundt 3-4 tiden på dagen er det at jeg får så god tid til å gjøre meg klar om morgenen og å gjøre noe som får meg til å slappe av. Så nå har jeg tegnet litt i den nye tegneboken jeg kjøpte – føler jeg blir skikkelig fokusert og avslappet av å fargelegge. Og så har jeg sett litt på Supreme Banana sine siste youtube videoer (LINK). Foreslår virkelig å ta seg en tur innom youtube kanalen hennes for hun er et skikkelig ærlig og kult menneske jeg unner alle å få høre litt mer på!