Sunday goals for week 16

After 3 weeks off during Easter I’m ready for a reset and get into hustle mode again! One of the things I want to do to get back on my productive feet is to write weekly goal posts. Just a little list of my goals for the coming week and why, to keep myself accountable and hopefully inspire you to set some goals yourself!


  • Drink 2L of water every day: I used to drink loads of water and I still drink my fair amount – yet I’d really like to get up to the 2L daily since that’s when I feel the best and because I’m working out 5-6 times a week and need the hydration.
  • Wake up at 6 am and still get 7-8h of sleep: I’ve been craving some morning time now that the sun is rising earlier and earlier. I think waking up earlier than the others in the house will give me some me-time and set the mood for a calm and stress-free day.
  • Stick to my meal plan: I spend way to much money on random snacks because I don’t want to make food – this can’t continue! If I want to have a healthy vegan diet while still saving I need to stick to my weekly meal plans!
  • Work at least 2-3 hours daily with uni work: I don’t spend a lot of time at uni – about 10 or so hours a week. This leaves me with loads of time where I could do my uni work, but I decide to do other non-productive things instead. This needs to end and starting with 2-3 hours daily will be a huge improvement
  • Start a 30 day challenge: I want to learn new things about the world and myself. I want to adapt positive habits and a healthier mindset. I’ve therefore found a 30 day challenge (link) to help me do this and I’m really excited to give you guys weekly reports on how it’s working!


Do you have any short-term or long-term goals you’d like to share with me?