Top performing Tumblr posts

Between 2013 and 2015 I ran a successful fitness blog on During those years I managed to create a community of 20.000+ followers by creating and curating fitness content. During this time I also worked with businesses in the form of affiliate marketing. At this time I was studying a 3 year vocational course in media and communications – the blog was a creative way to continue some of the things I was learning.

Although I had been playing handball since 2008, had experience in weightlifting and running, I was also young and not formally educated in the field of health and fitness, so I decided to discontinue the blog in late 2015 also because I did not have time to run the blog fully as I had joined the military. But I am still proud of the content I produced during that time, which is why I have gathered some of my most popular posts from the blog.

Published by Elise Olsen

Media and research devotee turned marketing enthusiast! I strive to give small business owners and bloggers all the research-based content needed to optimise your online marketing and social media strategy for growth!

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