Back to Vegan

Four months ago, I did something I never thought would happen. I took a step back and decided to become a vegetarian rather than a vegan. It was an extremely difficult choice to make because it’s not something that matches with my ethics. It was something I felt I had to do for my own physical and mental health.

When I went into the military my diet was far from good. Sure, I ate vegan, meaning loads of veggies and fruit – but that was basically it. As the young idiot I was I thought I wouldn’t need to take vitamins and that I’d be fine without it. Boy, was I wrong!


After one year living off carrots, potatoes, toast and rice I found myself feeling blue and constantly tired. I’d go to work and straight to bed afterwards. Turned out, from my blood results, I was low in vitamin D and B12. What many vegetarians and vegans know is that vitamin deficiency is a serious problem, especially a lack of B12. I ended up taking a multivitamin, but my B12 was so low I had to get regular shots into my buttchecks, which was a new low I didn’t think I could reach.


After my levels increased I started feeling great again, and everything was good. That was until I found myself in an incredible stressful period in May 2017. For years I’ve struggled with restricting behaviours whenever I feel stressed. Apparently, I feel the need to control at least some aspects of my life when I feel this way, and my focus shifts towards my eating habits and weight. So, I started restricting heavily, blaming me not eating with friends and family on veganism. That summer I ended up losing over 10 kg and some days not eating more than 500 calories.


Finally, after months of misery I, and a few close friends, pushed me to seek help. It was decided that I should try out vegetarianism so not to feed my restriction. With this and other mental exercises I managed to let myself have enough food, gain back the weight (and a bit more, naturally), and I was feeling amazing.


Going back to vegetarianism helped me see how restrictive I was living – not because of veganism itself, but because I was hiding behind it. But my ethics doesn’t agree with vegetarianism, I believe that veganism, for me, is the best way to live when done properly. So, I’m now cutting out the dairy and the eggs and going back to a happy vegan life.


I’m writing this as a reminder that what you eat is incredible important for both your mind and body. I know that, after 4,5 years, there sometimes are hard times being a vegan, but you should always put your mental and physical health first. Once this is at its best you can hopefully properly commit yourself to matching your ethics and your diet.



Please take care of yourselves and make sure to eat in a way that makes the world a better place, but also in a way that makes you the best you can be!


From 22 to 23

Saturday, the 17th, I turned 23 years old! Logically I understand that there isn’t much difference from 22 years old and 23 years old, but I still had some panicking before the “big” day.  The feeling of not having done enough with my now 23 year long life came sneaking up on me.

Therefore, this is the perfect time to tell you all about what I did between my 22nd and 23rd birthday!

On my 22nd birthday I spent the day in Birmingham with Josh before I spent almost a week with him, my best friend and their friends in Wales // I moved a month before my exams and spent lots of time hiking to calm myself down

During the summer I decided I wanted to travel to Bath Spa on exchange for the spring term 2018. Me and Josh traveled down there for 4 amazing days // I went to my first festival. Decided to do two festivals during the same week. Exhausted. But I got to see my favorite artist in the world; Eminem(!!)

Hikes with Silje, became a regular thing, can’t wait for our next one // Went to see my best friend, Nora, in Oslo after she spent 3 years in Wales. Amazing to see her again.

I got bangs. Loved it for a week. Hating it now that I’m growing them out again // Ice bar with Josh & Nora, cool stuff (hehe)

Christmas with my lovely family // New years eve with my lovely friends

Got accepted into Bath Spa Uni. Moved in with the loveliest group of girls and loving my subjects // Traveled to new UK cities like Bristol and Oxford

This year Josh & Nora came to visit me in Bath for my birthday weekend // On the evening my roommates surprised me in the kitchen with balloons and a pinata. Couldn’t have asked for a better day away from home

Hopefully you will also have a good year between your birthdays and take time to remember how much you’ve actually done in a year!

Reasons to marry

From now on I’ll be writing in English because of me studying in England. This is one piece I wrote in my short story subject I felt like I wanted to share. Hope you’re all having a good day!


Why do people commit to marriage? Most people will probably pin it down as a declaration of love. To stay with, and love, only one person forever. If Kate had only looked into Robert’s eyes properly, as he kneeled in front of her, she’d know that this was not the case for him. If Robert had only looked into Kate’s eyes he’d know that she too did not nod as she cried because of her undying love for him. But neither of them knew they both had other reasons for marrying. Well, there was one other person who knew. A large being that could see everything and nothing. A being, committed to all living beings. A being most people would call “God”. God looked down at Kate and Robert with disappointment. No matter how many times God had seen two people commit to marriage for other reasons than pure, passionate love, it would always disappoint him deeply. What bothered him the most was always knowing their reasoning for accepting the proposal or propose themselves. As he continued to gaze down at the unknowing couple Kate and Robert were on their way home from the restaurant they loved so much.


Robert held Kate’s hand in his, sneaking glances at her new ring. If he would be honest with himself, he would know that it wasn’t butterflies moving around in his stomach. It felt more like a herd of elephants running away from the dangers of the savannah. As he was swinging his arm up and down he revealed the dark stains under his armpits. Robert wasn’t happy, he was terrified. But he knew he had to keep up the charming smile he had used several years to perfect. Choosing Kate was a good choice for him. With his increasing debt it would do him well to share her more than impressive salary as a financial advisor. Her father would pay for the wedding, they could sell the flat they lived in, which she owned, and move into a small house. She’d continue working, he’d pretend to look for a job, and she’d slowly help to pay off his debt. She was generous when it came to money and would more than likely combine their accounts after the marriage.


Kate felt the ring around her finger uncomfortably digging into her knuckle as Robert held her hand tightly. She turned towards him and smiled widely. “I love you so much!” she exhaled in excitement. Of course, the excitement was only another act of charade. If he had looked closer he would have noticed the slight twitch in her lip, tugging her smile downwards. Despite her slight grimace Kate’s butterflies were a sign of something good, at least in her mind. Sure, Robert didn’t have a job, an education, any real ambitions, and the debt he’d gotten himself into after an unfortunate couple of years as a gambling addict was quite large. But he was funny. Sometimes. He was bearable at least. And he was the only one she’d stayed with for longer than 4 months, so he had to be the one. And now that they were engaged she could finally get what she desired. A baby. Someone who would stay with her until she died, never truly leaving her.


God sighed loudly and turned away from the scene of the two supposed lovebirds. He knew that different people had different reasons for their marriage. He also knew that if someone married for other reasons than pure love they would end up truly miserable for the entirety of their commitment. Some were stubborn and stayed together until the bitter, bitter end. Some ended up getting divorced before or after getting children. Some divorces left one part broken forever, some feeling better than ever, and some divorces hurt the people around it. God knew that marriages based on love did exist. They were only rare. In some cases, true lovers would never get married but drift apart because of insignificant disagreements. And in some cases, they would never get married, but still die by each other’s sides as loyal soulmates.


“I love you too.” Robert looked down. The only light giving them vision was made from a couple of streetlights across their street. His hand grasped hers even tighter, cutting off her ring ringer’s circulation. “I’m sure we’ll live happily ever after.” He finally met her eyes. But if they had only looked into each other’s eyes properly, they would both know their real fate.

Nytt år, nytt land

I flere måneder har jeg både gruet og gledet meg til å reise på utveksling til England, og nå er jeg endelig her. Det har gått ufattelig mye bedre enn jeg hadde trodd! All den angsten jeg har kjent på før jeg kom forsvant på magisk vis når jeg fikk se mitt nye universitet og de herlige menneskene jeg nå bor med. Jeg føler virkelig at selvtilliten min har vokst på den lille tiden min her, som om jeg er en annen person når jeg snakker engelsk.

De første dagen har inneholdt vandring på universitetsområdet og i byen, men også å bli kjent med de andre utvekslingsstudentene. Universitetsområdet er på et perfekt sted både borte fra, og nært, sentrum. Og sentrum inneholder nye og kjente butikker og områder. Spesielt gleder jeg meg til kulturen Bath har å by på.

Mitt første fag starter ikke før onsdag, og resten av fagene mine hoper seg opp i slutten av januar. Dermed blir det tid til både lesing og utforsking. Jeg gleder meg til dette halvåret får startet ordentlig, og jeg gleder meg å skrive om det jeg kommer til å oppleve.

Skål for 2018 i Bath!


Denne helgen har vært den beste helgen i høst så langt. Bestevenninnen flyttet til Oslo for å få seg litt universitetspoeng noe som var ekstra surt. Hun har hatt tre år i Storbritannia allerede og nå som hun først er i landet velger hun å plassere seg på andre siden av det. Uansett hvor trist det blir så åpner det opp for mange fine turer til den fine byen.


Fredagen vandret vi igjennom alle de små gatene vi kunne finne, i tillegg til å stoppe innom Loving Hut for en sinnsykt god vegansk burger (Chef’s special) og litt (mye) shopping.


Lørdag var det så fantastisk mye som skjedde, og jeg kjenner jeg blir litt misunnelig på alle arrangementene for alle slags mennesker dere som bor i Oslo har tilgang til.

Vi var innom mathallen og så på smoothie NM og så litt på et gjenbruks arrangement med Jenny Skavlan og noen VGs elevers kolleksjoner.


Oslo maraton var i full gang og det var drøssevis med tilskuere og deltakere.



Vi stakk også innom Bendik Kaltenborn sin utstilling “Tegning, form og farge”, vanvittig talent.

Og hvem kan ikke motstå fargerike vegger???




Alt i alt en skikkelig fin helg! Gleder meg som et barn til den neste turen, selv om mitt lille bergenserhjerte må hvile etter en stappfull helg.

Blir kjempeglad om du har noen forslag til steder å sjekke ut til min neste tur!


Studie tips

Da var tiden her! Semesteret er i full gang og eksamen nærmer seg sakte men sikkert. Jeg fullførte første året mitt på universitetet i mai og jeg har lært utrolig mye om meg selv og faget. En av de mer verdifulle tingene jeg har lært er hva slags studiemetoder som passer meg best. Så hvorfor ikke dele disse tipsene?


  • X sider pensum / X antall dager til eksamen: Det aller første jeg gjør når jeg får pensumlisten er å dele antall sider med antall dager til eksamen. I det ene faget dette semesteret har jeg 1098 sider å lese. Det er 69 dager til eksamen. 1098/69=16. Dermed må jeg lese 16 sider her dag i dette faget for å få lest hele pensum uten å stresse. Om det da er dager jeg ikke leser må jeg ta igjen de sidene en annen dag. Da slipper jeg å stresse to uker før eksamen.
  • Prioriter det kjedelige: Ofte ser jeg at det kjedelige er det jeg har minst kontroll på. Om et fag er gøy er det gjerne fordi det er lettere å forstå (gjelder ikke alltid). Derfor prioriterer jeg alltid det jeg syntes er kjedelig, slik at jeg faktisk kommer meg igjennom det.
  • Forelesning: Om forelesning er valgfri går jeg alltid på de første og vurderer om jeg skal fortsette. Noen forelesere er rett og slett ikke skapt for å forelese, men må gjøre jobben for å få forske på universitetet. Om foreleseren gjør meg mer forvirret eller ikke engasjerer meg velger jeg heller å bruke de to timene på noe mer produktivt. Dette fungerer for meg, og det varierer fra person til person.


  • Seminaroppgaver: Jeg lærer best når jeg skal “lære” andre om emnet. Derfor utnytter jeg hver seminaroppgave så mye som mulig. Behandle hver oppgave som en eksamen, da er du mer forberedt til den faktiske eksamen.
  • Notater: Ta notater når du går igjennom pensum. Når jeg tar notater velger jeg alltid ut det viktigste, men jeg skriver også ned det som er litt vanskelig og forsøker å formulere lettere setninger – det er da du vet om du forstår teksten eller ikke. Jeg skriver som oftest for hånd og overfører dem over til et word dokument (da kan du bruke CTRL+F for å lett finne tilbake til noe).
  • Flytt deg: For å øke motivasjonen til å lese/notere flytter jeg på meg når jeg begynner å bli rastløs. I de siste ukene før eksamen kan du finne meg på studentsenteret, biblioteket, ved skrivebordet på rommet, i sengen, på gulvet og i stuen.
  • Begynn tidlig, ta pauser: Det er hardt å lese til eksamen når den nærmer seg. Det aller beste er å begynne tidlig slik at du slipper å ta skippertak (jeg var en skippertakselev, det fungerte det også). Men om du skulle sitte der to uker før eksamen med 100 sider hver dag så er det alltid lurt å ta pauser til å spise, drikke, gå seg en tur, og faktisk ta inn det du leser.


  • Quizlet er gull verdt! Her kan du lage dine egne forskjellige øvelser til emnet ditt!
  • Sammendrag: Skriv sammendrag! Akkurat fullført et kapittel? Sammendrag! Ferdig med et konsept? Sammendrag!
  • Kjenn deg selv: Ikke alle leser best om morgenen, ikke alle starter på pensum 15. August og ikke alle skriver sammendrag. Forsøk deg fram og finn det som passer deg best. Det som fungerer for deg fungerer kanskje ikke for medstudentene dine.

Viktigst av alt er å velge et fag som engasjerer deg. Jeg kunne ikke vært mer fornøyd med faget mitt, og det er kanskje derfor jeg får gode karakterer. Jeg skjønner jo at mange også vil velge noe som gir en sikker jobb, men jeg er sikker på at disse også kan finne noe de kan engasjere seg for.

Lykke til med semesteret!

Er det ikke høst?

Jeg var klar 1. September med både cardigan og varme sokker, lite visste jeg at det skulle bli hele 19 grader og sol… Jaja, jeg kan absolutt ikke klage på været her i Bergen, da ender det opp med en ny regnrekord.


Jeg har skaffet meg ny fiiinnnn og god genser for den kommende årstiden. Den er nok fra H&M, men den inneholder ikke noe ull så veganeren i meg er forsåvidt fornøyd. Brukte den for første gang i dag, svettet rundt i sentrum etter seminaren, om ikke været er på min side får jeg lide meg igjennom det i en god og fin genser.


Semesteret er startet for fullt. Det betyr nye notatbøker som skal fylles med uleselig skrift og uferdige setninger. Sammen med en matchende kopp som skal følge meg på forelesning kl. 8:15 med masse kaffe.



Jeg måtte også innom Søstrene Grenes og fant denne søte tekannen til 75kr. Slå den sammen med ny og spennende te fra Herskap & Tjenere så er jeg definitivt klar for regn og storm de kommende månedene.