Keyword research for a powerful SEO strategy [Beginner’s guide]

You’ve read my Beginner’s Guide to On-Page Search Engine Optimisation in 2021, and you’re ready to start optimising your website to get that sweet, sweet organic content. But wait, you know how to place your keywords into your HTML codes and alt-text, but which keywords should you use, and how do you find them? 

Have no worries! In this guide, I’ll be leading you through all the ins and outs of SEO keyword researching!

Do you need to know HTML and CSS as a business owner or blogger?

A well-designed and functional website is a must for any online business, whether you provide services, products, or information. Maybe you already have taken a look at the codes behind your website, only to be overwhelmed by the seemingly complicated formatting. Or, perhaps you’re just starting to set up your website or blog, and you don’t know which platform to chose as they all offer different levels of coding possibilities. Regardless of which situation you find yourself in, I’m here to give you the answer to the question you might ask yourself; do I need to know HTML and CSS to run an online business or blog?

Canva versus Photoshop: Which program should you use for content creation?

If you are already in the space of digital marketing, content creation, or online business, then you’ve most likely used or heard of both Canva and Photoshop as content marketing tools. If so, then you’ve probably also been wondering which of the two programs you should invest your time, money, and effort into to optimise your business strategy and content creation. Fear not, I am here to give you the rundown on the differences between Canva and Photoshop, and which tool fits your content marketing and business strategy the best.

Brand archetypes: So you’re a Sage?

Table of contents Have you ever felt so connected to a brand that you know if something is out of character or not for them to do? Well, it might just be that their branding aligns perfectly with a brand archetype. What are brand archetypes? Brand archetypes, […]


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