Reasons to marry

From now on I’ll be writing in English because of me studying in England. This is one piece I wrote in my short story subject I felt like I wanted to share. Hope you’re all having a good day!


Why do people commit to marriage? Most people will probably pin it down as a declaration of love. To stay with, and love, only one person forever. If Kate had only looked into Robert’s eyes properly, as he kneeled in front of her, she’d know that this was not the case for him. If Robert had only looked into Kate’s eyes he’d know that she too did not nod as she cried because of her undying love for him. But neither of them knew they both had other reasons for marrying. Well, there was one other person who knew. A large being that could see everything and nothing. A being, committed to all living beings. A being most people would call “God”. God looked down at Kate and Robert with disappointment. No matter how many times God had seen two people commit to marriage for other reasons than pure, passionate love, it would always disappoint him deeply. What bothered him the most was always knowing their reasoning for accepting the proposal or propose themselves. As he continued to gaze down at the unknowing couple Kate and Robert were on their way home from the restaurant they loved so much.


Robert held Kate’s hand in his, sneaking glances at her new ring. If he would be honest with himself, he would know that it wasn’t butterflies moving around in his stomach. It felt more like a herd of elephants running away from the dangers of the savannah. As he was swinging his arm up and down he revealed the dark stains under his armpits. Robert wasn’t happy, he was terrified. But he knew he had to keep up the charming smile he had used several years to perfect. Choosing Kate was a good choice for him. With his increasing debt it would do him well to share her more than impressive salary as a financial advisor. Her father would pay for the wedding, they could sell the flat they lived in, which she owned, and move into a small house. She’d continue working, he’d pretend to look for a job, and she’d slowly help to pay off his debt. She was generous when it came to money and would more than likely combine their accounts after the marriage.


Kate felt the ring around her finger uncomfortably digging into her knuckle as Robert held her hand tightly. She turned towards him and smiled widely. “I love you so much!” she exhaled in excitement. Of course, the excitement was only another act of charade. If he had looked closer he would have noticed the slight twitch in her lip, tugging her smile downwards. Despite her slight grimace Kate’s butterflies were a sign of something good, at least in her mind. Sure, Robert didn’t have a job, an education, any real ambitions, and the debt he’d gotten himself into after an unfortunate couple of years as a gambling addict was quite large. But he was funny. Sometimes. He was bearable at least. And he was the only one she’d stayed with for longer than 4 months, so he had to be the one. And now that they were engaged she could finally get what she desired. A baby. Someone who would stay with her until she died, never truly leaving her.


God sighed loudly and turned away from the scene of the two supposed lovebirds. He knew that different people had different reasons for their marriage. He also knew that if someone married for other reasons than pure love they would end up truly miserable for the entirety of their commitment. Some were stubborn and stayed together until the bitter, bitter end. Some ended up getting divorced before or after getting children. Some divorces left one part broken forever, some feeling better than ever, and some divorces hurt the people around it. God knew that marriages based on love did exist. They were only rare. In some cases, true lovers would never get married but drift apart because of insignificant disagreements. And in some cases, they would never get married, but still die by each other’s sides as loyal soulmates.


“I love you too.” Robert looked down. The only light giving them vision was made from a couple of streetlights across their street. His hand grasped hers even tighter, cutting off her ring ringer’s circulation. “I’m sure we’ll live happily ever after.” He finally met her eyes. But if they had only looked into each other’s eyes properly, they would both know their real fate.