The minimalist game

Time after time, I’ve told myself that ‘today I get into minimalism for real!!!’. It’s safe to say I’ve never followed though with that. I just came back from an amazing semester abroad, and what bothered me about traveling home was how much stuff I was bringing with me from Bath and how much stuff I had back at home.

I like to think that I have somewhat of an insight into my messy brain that I know what kind of environments I thrive in – the kinds that are airy and with less stuff. It’s not just the mess of having stuff everywhere, t’s the thought of waking up in the morning not knowing what to wear because I have to many ‘meh’ pieces of clothing, not finding the stuff I need because I have too much stuff I don’t need, and the constant anxiety of ‘what if I need to get away quickly and I can’t take all my stuff with me’.

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As I was trying to put away stuff from my suitcases it came to me that this is a perfect opportunity to start getting rid of stuff and keeping the things I need and that brings me actual joy. Hopefully, I’ll get to do my masters in the UK next year, therefore I’m only gonna stay here in Norway for another year. I need to cut my belongings down so I’ll be able to bring it all with me in two suitcases.

Since I’m also trying to reduce my waste this is also a great way to make sure I only bring in ethical and less-waste friendly items into my life.

To kick myself in the butt I’ll be trying to stick with the minimalist game where you have 30 days to get rid of stuff. On day one you get rid of one item, day two you get rid of two items and so on. But since I just came home from my exchange and have a lot of stuff already I’ll be doing it the other way. 30 items the first day, 29 the second and so on until I have one item to get rid of on the last day.

I’ll be posting what I’m getting rid of (donating or throwing away) a few times a week (fingers crossed) to give you all feedback!

If you wanna join or are already in the process of getting rid of excess stuff please leave a comment and tell me how you are dealing with it! I’m all game for good advice!


Have a great day!