From 22 to 23

Saturday, the 17th, I turned 23 years old! Logically I understand that there isn’t much difference from 22 years old and 23 years old, but I still had some panicking before the “big” day.  The feeling of not having done enough with my now 23 year long life came sneaking up on me.

Therefore, this is the perfect time to tell you all about what I did between my 22nd and 23rd birthday!

On my 22nd birthday I spent the day in Birmingham with Josh before I spent almost a week with him, my best friend and their friends in Wales // I moved a month before my exams and spent lots of time hiking to calm myself down

During the summer I decided I wanted to travel to Bath Spa on exchange for the spring term 2018. Me and Josh traveled down there for 4 amazing days // I went to my first festival. Decided to do two festivals during the same week. Exhausted. But I got to see my favorite artist in the world; Eminem(!!)

Hikes with Silje, became a regular thing, can’t wait for our next one // Went to see my best friend, Nora, in Oslo after she spent 3 years in Wales. Amazing to see her again.

I got bangs. Loved it for a week. Hating it now that I’m growing them out again // Ice bar with Josh & Nora, cool stuff (hehe)

Christmas with my lovely family // New years eve with my lovely friends

Got accepted into Bath Spa Uni. Moved in with the loveliest group of girls and loving my subjects // Traveled to new UK cities like Bristol and Oxford

This year Josh & Nora came to visit me in Bath for my birthday weekend // On the evening my roommates surprised me in the kitchen with balloons and a pinata. Couldn’t have asked for a better day away from home

Hopefully you will also have a good year between your birthdays and take time to remember how much you’ve actually done in a year!